3 More Common Myths About Divorce

There are many misbelief concerning divorce , in part because of changing times and in part because of a long-held reluctance to talk about it. As divorce becomes a more common part of society, however, these myths are being disproven.

Myth : Police officers are more likely to get divorced.
Truth : While some professions do boast higher divorce rates than others (e.g. bartending, massage therapists), police officers are not in the top 10 on that list.

Myth : Couples with autistic children have higher divorce rates.
Truth : While having an autistic child may be a marital stressor, it does not lead to more divorces. In fact, the difference in divorce rates between couples with autistic children and couples with non-autistic children are negligible.

Myth : The United States has the highest divorce rate in the world.
Truth : Russia beats the U.S. in terms of divorce by 1.6%. We rank #5 in the world for divorce.

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