Leading Cause of Divorce: It's Changed

The top reason given for a divorce is no longer infidelity. It is unreasonable behavior. That is what a new U.K. study claims. The Co-operative Legal Services looked over data for the past several decades, examining the information from more than 5 million divorces in the U.K. since the 1970s. According to their findings, infidelity was the reason for 29 percent of divorces in the 70s, while 29 percent of divorces were due to unreasonable behavior. Presently, 15 percent of divorces are blamed on infidelity. A staggering 47 percent of divorces now stem from claims of unreasonable behavior. What does this look like? Some instances of unreasonable behavior include a husband who started cross-dressing and wanted a sex change. One wife said her husband would make her feel guilty for wanting to spend time with her friends just because he himself did not enjoy going out. One spouse wanted a divorce when the other took out their entire savings and burned it in the bedroom.

Of course, it does not take behavior this crazy to warrant a divorce. Grounds for divorce can vary from this strange behavior to marital misconduct, or a divorce can be due to "incurable insanity". It is also possible to get a no-fault divorce in North Carolina. The reason for a divorce may be more significant than just the issue that starts off the process; it can influence the entire procedure. After all, the grounds for divorce can enter a judge's calculations when it comes time to make decisions about child custody, property division, alimony, and more.

Whether you are being blamed for a divorce, leaving an unreasonable spouse, or pursuing a no-fault divorce, then you can benefit immensely from the assistance of an experienced Raleigh divorce attorney. Learn what our team of professionals can do to protect you and your family's rights and future when you contact Hopper Law Office.

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