Many Divorces Prompted by Disagreements About Kids

Almost half of all American marriages will end in a divorce. Many of these marriages are the result of a discrepancy that both partners just can’t seem to resolve. This can be anything from opinions on work, religious beliefs or a preference in a living location. Yet a new study has revealed that one of the top reasons for divorce revolves around kids. Couples who disagree on whether or not to enter into parenthood are twice as likely to divorce as couples who have the same goals in this area. Also, once the children are born, parents who have different strategies on how to raise their kids will end up in arguments that may eventually lead to separation.

This situation was recently publicized in the divorce of Katy Perry and Russell Brand. While Brand wanted to have children and be a father, Perry was adamant that they avoid transitioning into the role of parents. Brand, at 37, has already lived plenty of his life single, while Perry is only 27 and still wants to continue in her role as a singer start. Childfree couples divorce more often than couples that have at least one child, partially because their split will not affect a third party negatively.

Most times, the married couples without kids divorce because they disagree on whether or not they should have kids, how many they should have, where they should go to school, etc. In the end, married couples who don’t have kids often have less to worry about in the proceedings. There is no custody to fight for, no child support to pay. Whether or not you have children, the lawyer at Hopper Law Firm, PLLC are here to aid you through your divorce. Contact us if you want a solid, final divorce from your spouse.

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