3 Common Myths About Divorce

Divorce studies are blossoming as the divorce rate seems to be increasing. Is it actually increasing? Here are three of the most common myths about divorce:

Myth : 50% of all marriages end in divorce .
Truth : The divorce rate can be calculated in many different ways, as there are many couples who are still married who may divorce later. The divorce rate actually seems to be falling since the 1970s.

Myth : Divorce happens evenly across all socio-economic groups.
Truth : Unfortunately, divorce is more common among middle-class spouses who do not have college degrees. Wealthier couples with college degree, especially those who were married after the age of 26, have a much more better chance of lasting.

Myth : Second marriages typically work better than first marriages.
Truth : Again, it is sadly untrue that people learn from their first marriage and make their second one better. While some do, around 37% of second marriages fail within the first 10 years, which is 7% more than first marriages.

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