Study Shows Married Couples with Daughters More Likely to Divorce

Since a 2003 study revealed that more divorces occur within families who have female children, family experts have been struggling to figure out why.

According to the UCLA study, parents are 5% more likely to divorce if they have girls. The gap widens to 10% if there are three girl children. The statistics work in reverse as well - unwed parents are more likely to marry if the child is a boy.

While some analysts have tried to study the data from the angle of why couples stay together for boys, others have realized it may be more beneficial to look at it from the angle of why couples don't need to stay together for girls. In fact, because women initiate about three quarters of all divorces, it is now believed that they may be more likely to divorce with girl children because they know what many studies have also proven: that girl children are more helpful and provide more companionship than boy children.

With the additional around-the-house help and the likelihood of a closer relationship, women with female children may be less likely to put up with a bad relationship with their husbands if they know they will have help after the divorce.

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