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At Hopper Law Office, our divorce lawyer know there is nothing more important than the relationship between a parent and child. Therefore, we do everything that we can to preserve that relationship. When you work with our legal team, we can evaluate your situation and fight hard for you—no matter your circumstance. From cases where you need solo custody to situations where you just want a fair joint custody agreement, we have your back.

As a AV® rated law firm that has been practicing law for more than two decades, we have the experience you can trust! We have been handling child custody cases successfully for years and have helped countless parents throughout North Carolina achieve a fair custody agreement. We look forward to hearing from you.

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What Matters Are Involved in a Child Custody Case?

Child Custody pertains to who has legal responsibility for the care and control of a child. In a divorce, it is ideal for the parents themselves to decide who will get custody of the children and when, but many divorcing couples have a hard time coming to an agreement about child custody.

If you and the other party are not able to reach an agreement on the custody issue, you can file a lawsuit to seek child custody or visitation rights. In North Carolina, the parties in a custody case are required to attend an orientation and mediation session after filing. You will then come to a parenting agreement that reflects the best interest of the children with the help of legal guidance, such as a mediator.

What are the types of child custody?

Child custody directly refers to who has legal responsibility for both the physical and legal care of a child. When a divorce occurs, parents must decide how they would like to parent their child now that the marriage is terminated. If parents cannot agree on their own, they may need to take matters to court to resolve a parenting plan.

There are multiple custody options, including the following:

  • Sole physical custody: This means that one parent will have primary control of where a child lives day to day.
  • Joint physical custody: Both parents will share time with the child, depending on a parenting schedule.
  • Sole legal custody: One parent will have primary control over the decisions regarding a child's upbringing.
  • Joint legal custody: Both parents will work together to make decisions regarding a child's upbringing.

How to Know What is the Best Choice for Your Family

Maybe joint physical custody will cause too much change for the child when they need to be rooted in one home. Comparatively, having both parents work together to make life decisions for the child helps provide them with a more stable childhood. You will need to work with your former partner to determine what type of agreement works best for your schedules, as well as the child's. We can also assist with modifying or enforcing custody orders that have been violated.

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