Judges Turning to Social Media to Determine Custody

As more and more users join facebook and become part of the social networking system, more and more mistakes are being made.

Most of the time when we are using the internet, we know what is private and what is appropriate. Sometimes, however, social networking sites begin to seems more like diaries and people forget that their postings and pictures are public information. Even with strict privacy settings, information can be subpoenaed. Judges are now using online information to glean details about parents' lives and to help them decide who should be awarded child custody .

In "he said she said" cases, pictures, postings, and comments can be incredibly important. A few racy comments or photos of you partying could cost you your child. In one example, a Dallas man used pictures from facebook to prove that his wife was not a fit parent. She had heavily sexualized photos on her facebook, as well as photos of her new boyfriend brandishing a weapon. The photos also helped convince the judge to run a drug test, which she failed. The father was given primary custody.

Always remember, your online personality is never entirely private, so it is important to screen what you put up.

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