Difference between Joint & Shared Custody

Parents who choose to file for a divorce are given varying options for how to handle the situation for their children. This means that they are given an option between joint or shared custody, in order to determine what is best for the children and works most efficiently with the parents.

Joint custody is basically when the parents are given an equal authority, or say, in the lives to their children after a divorce whether it is determining homeschool or public education, medical decisions, religious practices, etc. both parents are given the legal right by the court to make these choices together. Joint custody focuses completely on the legal rights the parents have in heir children's life and does not address the topic of living arrangements or length of time spent with the children. Joint custody means that both parents are given an equal say in the happenings of their kids' lives.

Shared custody, then, addresses the topic of how the parents are given time to spend with their children. Shared custody means that the parents are given generally equal amounts of time with their kids, as a means of being frequently involved in their lives. Even if a parent moves to another state, this is often worked out with one parent getting the kid for summer and winter breaks, and other methods. Often times it is much more simplified if the parents live in the same area, and it will allow for the parents to have the kids on a more consistent basis such as every 3 days, or each weekend.

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