Holidays and the Decision to Divorce

Whether or not you and your spouse found it difficult to arrive at the decision to divorce, the holidays can complicate your choice. While the stress of the holidays can push couples past the breaking point, there is something special about the holidays that may make you afraid to mar this season with a divorce. This is especially true for couples who have kids. If you think you might want to wait to divorce until after the New Year has passed, then you are joined by numerous others. January 1st is one of the busiest days of the year for divorce attorneys.

In fact, psychologists who are themselves children of divorce admitted that when their parents divorced during the holidays, it forever meant that the holiday was linked with that divorce. For many reasons, couples have found it worthwhile to postpone the divorce process and to make it through the holidays. And if you wait, this could afford you and your spouse an additional chance to see if you can reconcile. Whether or not you are certain that you will be getting a divorce during or after the holiday season, here are some things that might help you get ready for the divorce, whenever it happens:

  • Find support. The holidays are stressful enough without a divorce hanging over everything. Get the encouragement you need from trusted friends and family to help you through.
  • Avoid conflict with your spouse. One of the main reasons you want to wait is to preserve the peace anyway, and fighting (especially in front of your kids) will only undermine what you are trying to achieve with a postponed divorce.
  • Understand that guilt about the divorce may draw out unreasonable promises from you, promises that lead to you burying yourself in credit card debt. Do not complicate the holidays and a divorce with financial troubles. Keep your budget this holiday.
  • In fact, stay on top of all your finances in preparation for a divorce. You want to be collecting tax returns, bills, paycheck stubs, and more. You will also have to start thinking about the approaching tax season.
  • Try to take advantage of the holidays, a time to relax. You do not want to overbook yourself with school obligations and holiday parties. Simplify and enjoy what you can now, and also give yourself time for when the divorce will take place.

Finally, if you have decided that the time for divorce is approaching, you can start getting prepared when you contact Hopper Law Office, PLLC. Our legal team has the experience and commitment that can make all the difference in your case, not only securing you a fair divorce settlement, but helping you arrive at this resolution as peacefully as possible. Learn how a Raleigh divorce lawyer may be able to help you when the New Year hits, helping you forge the next steps in your family's life.

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