Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Divorce

One of the top fears faced in a divorce relates to finances. While property division does weigh heavy in couple's minds, the main fear is about how much the divorce itself is going to cost. Even for couples who have children, their anxieties about the expenses involved in the process are only eclipsed by worries about child custody. The good news is that you have a lot of control over the bottom line in your divorce. If you can keep your costs down, you can be free of at least one pressing concern as you face this time of upheaval, and you can set yourself up for a stronger future.

1. First of all, you could save yourself invaluable time and money by choosing the right lawyer. Some divorcees have had the unfortunate urge to hire an expensive lawyer who will drag the divorce into a courtroom battle in order to squeeze every cent possible from their ex. This could leave them paying an hourly rate of $400. It is important to know that no one really wins a divorce, and divorce litigation is one way to make things turn nasty. Try to be cool and collected, and to stay within your budget. You can find an affordable divorce lawyer who is also committed to upholding your best interests, getting a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement instead of a contentious divorce trial.

2. Yet even a settlement can turn sour. If neither spouse is willing to budge toward a compromise, you can keep accruing legal bills with every conference. If you keep things peaceable, however, not only are you saving yourself needless pain and stress, but needless legal fees too. The quicker you can negotiate a divorce, the sooner you can move on with your life, and with more money in your pocket as well.

3. You also need to provide full financial disclosure, not keeping back any information on your assets and debts. Not only will this keep things fair, but it will keep things legal. If a judge finds that there has been any withholding of financial information, you would be hit hard fines and even criminal penalties. Doing good will be good for you (the same goes for meeting support payments fully and on time).

4. Also, be wise in how you use your time with a lawyer. Get the most out of every meeting, so you do not have to pay for any more meetings than you need to. Especially in the initial consultation, you want to get as many of your questions answered as possible. If you keep your time with your lawyer to the bare necessities, you will save yourself a good deal in legal fees. Just make sure that you are not skimping on the legal counsel you need just to save a buck; this could hurt you financially in the long run too. It will be up to you to find the right balance.

5. Finally, you need to close your joint accounts, especially any joint credit cards. Otherwise, you could be liable for your ex's debt. You should each open up your own accounts, each taking with you the debt that you are responsible for, and nothing more. Your credit score will thank you.

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