How to Approach a Divorce Settlement

Most divorces will end in a settlement, not in some dramatic courtroom setting. And that is good news, as this gives most couples the chance to end things amicably and quickly. If you are going to get a divorce, you should probably start getting ready for the settlement meeting or meetings. These meetings are when you, your soon-to-be ex, and each of your lawyers come together to negotiate a divorce settlement. You get to come up with the terms of the divorce for yourselves instead of leaving these major decisions in the hands of a judge who would only have a short time to get briefly acquainted with your situation. Of course, if these negotiations fall through, then to a trial you would go. So to save yourself from divorce trial and to save yourself time in hammering out the settlement, here are some tips to be ready for this meeting.

1) First off, this is not the time to lay your feelings bare. You do not want any vitriol or complaints to take over the meeting. Of course, there is a time and place for expressing feelings, but a legal meeting is certainly not that place. The settlement is the way you and your ex would create new futures for yourselves. It would be detrimental to keep bringing up painful memories. No matter the reason for your divorce, remember that it is business at this point. Treat the settlement meeting like a business meeting.

2) And you will further have to be open and flexible. It is important to understand from the get-go that there is no true victory in a divorce, and that includes the fact that you will not be able to get every stipulation into the settlement that you would like to. It is in your best interests then to be a good listener, and to realize that negotiating might have to start with you making the first step toward a compromise. Your ex might then be more willing to do the same for you.

3) You also should feel free to take all the time you need. While one of the many perks of a settlement is that it saves you time, do not be so frugal with this time that you rush through an agreement that can affect you for the rest of your life. If there is a stipulation or law that you do not fully understand, do not hesitate to ask your lawyer about it. Whenever you have questions, you should not leave them unasked. If necessary, you should even ask for a break, giving you time to mull over this important settlement.

It is important to realize that a settlement could take more than one meeting to finish, but this will not be a waste of time. It would still be shorter than a trial, and as long as meetings are used productively, you are moving closer to your future. When you need to forge an independent future for yourself through this legal process, it would be invaluable to have a legal expert looking after your best interests.

If negotiations fall through, however, you will further need a lawyer on your side who can successfully handle your case in court. You can find the committed and skilled Raleigh divorce lawyer you need at Hopper Law Firm, PLLC, PLLC. Our legal team has years of experience helping our clients achieve fair results in child custody, property division, support payments, and more, and we aim to do our utmost in helping clients resolve these matters as peaceably and swiftly as possible. Whatever the issue you face in family law, you can find the expertise you need at our firm. Do not hesitate to contact us today!

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