3 Things That Don't Work in Divorce Court

When two people are unable to divorce amicably and the case has to be taken to court, there are many different mistakes that people make, thinking they can fool the judge is chief among them. Here are some common "tricks" that people attempt but rarely get away with:

1. Hiding money. In a contested divorce, money is likely to be an issue, meaning there will probably be a forensic accountant hired to follow the money. Getting paid in cash, changing the books and quitting your job to have a lower income are all obvious to a judge in divorce court.

2. Lying about parenting. Judges are generally able to tell when people are lying, and saying you spend more time with your kids than you do is not going to get past them and get you child custody. Similarly, judges generally talk to the kids alone so that they can tell the truth.

3. Lying about domestic abuse. This is never a good idea! Not only could it get your ex-spouse in legal trouble, it is unlikely to change much if you don't have proof. If you're caught lying about it, the judge could sanction you for it.

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