Things to Do After a Divorce

Many people say that the first year after a divorce is the hardest. In order to make this time a little bit easier, here is some advice for what to do after a divorce.

1. Enjoy your time alone. No matter how content or unhappy married couples are, almost everyone craves more alone time and relishes it when they have it. Remember what it was you liked about being alone and bask in it.

2. Indulge yourself. Whether this is going out on the town, taking a few weeks off of work or spending the whole day in bed watching movies, do these things now so that you're not itching to do them later.

3. Put your support group "on call" during your toughest weeks. Ask those few friends who are closest to you or who understand best what you're going through to allow you to call and talk, whenever and about whatever, so that you always have someone there when you need them.

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