Divorce Filings Increase 40% Near Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is intended to be a holiday in which couples celebrate their love for each other. Studies are showing, however, that this holiday actually focuses many couples to think about what isn't working in their relationship instead of what is. AVVO.com has research that shows a forty percent increase in requests for divorce attorneys in February.

Social scientists believe that this rise is due mainly to two different types of mindsets. One, referred to as the "Delayed New Year's Resoluters," has simply been mustering up the courage to file for divorce after having made a New Year's Resolution to end the marriage. Some of these people are also waiting until they find out more about their post-holiday financial situation to make a definite decision. The other group, the "Waiting to Exhalers" are using Valentine's Day as a symbol of their marriage. If it goes well, they stay together. If it does not go well or is disappointing, they are more likely to call a Raleigh divorce lawyer .

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