Common Misconceptions About Prenuptial Agreements

As the next generation of couples begins considering marriage, many are looking at what went wrong with their parents' marriages to try and guard against making the same mistake. One of the most frequently cited causes of marital problems are financial woes. Couples today are protecting their marriage from many of these problems by signing a prenuptial agreement, which gives them the chance to work out financial issues before they begin. Some people, however, are reluctant to sign a prenuptial agreement because of the misconceptions that surround them. Here are some common prenuptial myths and truths:

Myth: Prenuptial agreements are for people who don't believe that their marriage will stick.
Truth: Prenuptial agreements are not just to guard against financial issues during a divorce, they are a way to get couples to talk about and decide on difficult money matters before they snowball into huge problems.

Myth: Prenuptial agreements are not beneficial to the less wealthy spouse.
Truth: Today, courts don't allow prenuptial agreements that leave one spouse with nothing. The agreements have to be fair and signed of each person's free will.

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