More Common Misconceptions about Prenuptial Agreements

The topic of prenuptial agreements is somewhat contentious in American society today. Some people think they're necessary, some people think they're an onerous legal issue that only a few people need. Here are some common myths and the truth about prenuptial agreements.

Myth: Prenuptial agreements are only necessary if either or both spouses have a lot of money.
Truth: Divorce can be financially devastating for many people, especially those who do not have a solid prenuptial agreement in place. In addition to protecting your assets, this prenup also gives you a chance to talk honestly about expected finances and contributions to the marriage.

Myth: Prenuptial agreements have to cover every anticipated aspect of the potential divorce.
Truth: Prenuptial agreements cover what you want them to. If you are only concerned about a particular issue, such as the division of assets or debt, then that is all it needs cover.

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