Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI

Fourth of July is a great time during the summer to gather with the ones you love and celebrate a day off of work, family and friends and a few beers. However, with all of the excitement, it can be very easy for some to drink too much and then choose to get behind the wheel of a car without realizing they are unfit to drive. Unfortunately, when this happens you are placing not only yourself but others at risk of serious harm if you were to cause an accident. Law enforcement officials will be partnering up in order to catch those who are driving under the influence on this buys holiday.

In the event you are arrested for a DUI, here are a few tips to consider at the time the officer pulls you over. First off, make sure that you don’t have a freak out session the moment the officer walks up to you. By remaining calm you will not only be able to respond more appropriately at the time, but you will be less likely to say something that will incriminate you later on. Next, when the officer talks to you makes sure you are polite. There is nothing you can say that will make the officer turn around and forget he pulled you over, so by cooperating and not arguing, this will look a lot better on the report as opposed to a violent and aggressive person—a tell-tale sign of someone who is drunk.

If the officer asks you questions about drinking, politely say that you would like to contact your Raleigh criminal defense attorney before answering any questions. You will want to cooperate with the officer in regards to giving them your license and information, though it is your right to remain silent and wait to discuss matters with your attorney before you proceed to answer questions.

Please contact the Hopper Law Firm today for more information on how to challenge your holiday DUI charges!

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