Supreme Court Rules DNA Can Be Collected at Arrest

Do you ever feel that the police have the right to far too much personal information about you? If you haven't before, you just may start feeling this way now. According to the latest news, the Supreme Court has officially ruled that upon arrest the police now have the right to receive a DNA swab if you are arrested for a serious crime. More than half of the states in the U.S. have already been enforcing this rule for serious criminal offenses, and now the federal government is included in this belief.

The vote for this legislation to be passed was a five-justice majority, meaning that there were still four who are in complete opposition to this new law. Those in favor believe that it will just be another reasonable step for jailhouse procedures when a person is arrested for a serious crime, and it is within the confines of their Fourth Amendment rights. However, those who are opposing the new law believe that it is going to lead to more and more people having to have their DNA taken, and placed into a crime database even if you are innocent of the crime you have been accused of.

One view, in regards to serious crimes, is that when a person commits a rape, they leave traces of DNA which is why these tests are beneficial, however if a person is accused of shoplifting, their DNA will do little to help the polices case. In the event you are arrested for a crime, now more than ever, having your rights protected by a skilled attorney is essential. At the Hopper Law Firm, you will receive the legal representation of a trusted Raleigh criminal defense attorney who will relentlessly fight on your side. Contact our firm today for more information on how we can advocate for you!

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