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Blog Posts in April, 2013

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  • Divorce or Separation?
    Divorce or Separation?

    While certain couples may be suffering with martial problems, they may not be ready to make that official step of the divorce. For this very reason, the process of separation has been designed to give ...

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  • Divorce, Marital Property and Your Wedding Ring
    Divorce, Marital Property and Your Wedding Ring

    Perhaps you and your spouse are considering filing for a divorce . If you are a woman, one of the concerns on your mind may be whether or not you are required to return your wedding or engagement ring ...

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  • Calculating Child Support
    Calculating Child Support

    If you are considering a divorce as a parent, you may be concerned as to how the court determines the extent of child support after the spilt. There are many very important factors that will be taken ...

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  • What is a
    What is a "Ponzi Scheme?"

    Fraud crimes, otherwise labeled as white collar offenses, are a specific form of theft crime that often involves more of a plan of deceit as opposed to just robbing a drug store of the cash in their ...

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  • Who Is the Parenting Coordinator?
    Who Is the Parenting Coordinator?

    According to the North Carolina family law code, the court has the right to appoint a parenting coordinator during any child custody cases that involve minor children. In order to do this, all parties ...

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  • Equitable Distribution Frequently Asked Questions
    Equitable Distribution Frequently Asked Questions

    In the event that you and your spouse have decided your marriage is coming to an end, understanding how your property is divided in divorce is absolutely crucial. In the majority of states across the ...

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