Calculating Child Support

If you are considering a divorce as a parent, you may be concerned as to how the court determines the extent of child support after the spilt. There are many very important factors that will be taken into account by the court in order to determine what is necessary for the children and what each spouse needs or has. First off, child support payments depends on the fact of child custody and whether you will be sharing or one parent is going o spend much less time altogether with the kids. Under the Child Support Enforcement Act, there are specific guidelines that are laid out in order for the judge to make a proper decision.

They will consider the standard of living the kids were in before the divorce, and seek to implement that as much as possible now that the [parents are separating. Next the court will look at what the child's specific needs are whether that is health insurance, day care, education, or special needs for handicaps or illnesses. If one spouse has custody and their child is ill, the financial support of the other parent would be crucial in that situation. Next, the court will see the income and earning capacity of each parent and their ability to pay bills.

The court will also weigh the specific needs of each of the parents and what they are currently responsible to pay for at the time apart from the children. Lastly, though this may not always be possible, the court will look at the child's standard of living before the separation took place, and seek to provide a similar environment for them even after the divorce. For more information about divorce, child custody and support, contact the Hopper Law Office today for the Raleigh divorce lawyer you deserve helping you!

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