Students and Cyber Crimes

As the internet grows increasingly more popular among users young and old today, so do the rates of cybercrimes. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cybercrimes often include network and computer intrusions by hackers, identity theft as well as internet fraud. The WCNC reports that students in North Carolina may possibly be among the first students to actually be charged with these sorts of cybercrimes, and this is not just involving acts of fraud and identity theft. According to reports, individuals who even as much as harass their teacher or another person over the internet may put them at risk of an arrest.

Recent changes in laws has decided that even cyber bullying is now considered to be an internet crime, and therefore subject to a misdemeanor charge. Not only is verbal harassment a part of this newer category, but so also is any acts that are explicitly trying to offend a school employee. This includes false internet profiles, signing their accounts up for internet pornography, as well as releasing any other bits of personal information.

According to the news source, this law began on the 1st of December, and is a law that is unlike any others in the U.S., a law that is taking action against students for their harsh actions such as this. A Charlotte teacher shares that while teacher bullying has always been a common factor in the schools, it often resulted in graffiti in the bathroom stalls and on the bleachers, and nothing more than a few harsh words. Today, with the student’s unlimited access to the internet, these games are doing much more harm.

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