Creating a Separation Agreement

Are you considering getting a separation? If so, you may need to get a separation agreement drafted up by a legal professional.

Although a separation agreement does not mean you will definitely get a divorce, it does set some legal boundaries as far as support, custody, property division and debts go. It is a legal contract between the two married parties that is binding once accepted by the court. Although you could draft your own separation agreement, it is best to utilize a family law attorney to write one for you.

In such an agreement, it is possible to separate your property, including both real property, tangible property and personal property. Items such as cars, jewelry, land, buildings, stocks and bonds, and bank accounts can all be separated in a separation agreement. Should you decide to null your agreement and resume with your marriage, you will need to draft another document stating your intention to do so.

If you'd like professional help as you create your separation agreement, contact our legal team to set up a time to speak with a Raleigh family lawyer.

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