Avoid Conflict with Divorce Mediation

You may have heard that divorce is a difficult process that leads to even more anger and heartbreak. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Instead of fighting with your spouse through lawyers, you can try divorce mediation instead.

For those couples who want to move ahead with their divorce in the most peaceful manner possible, mediation has become increasingly popular. You can still discuss all of the important and sometimes sticky topics of your marriage, such as financial issues, parenting details and division of assets, but in a calm, restrained manner. So how does mediation work? It is simple. A mediator will listen to both sides discuss what they want and don't want in the divorce, and at the end, the mediator will offer ways for both parties to arrive at an agreement.

Rather than encouraging the parties to fight with one another, a mediator offers peaceful solutions. Mediation is especially helpful for those couples that have children, but don't want to leave issues such as child custody and child support up to a court to decide.

If you're curious about divorce mediation, contact our firm to get information from a Raleigh family lawyer.

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