What is a contested divorce?

The end of a marriage generally results in two distinct types of divorce: either a collaborative divorce, which is also known as an uncontested divorce, or a contested divorce.

In an uncontested or collaborative divorce, the spouses involved in the divorce work together to settle the issues of the divorce in order to save time, money and stress throughout the divorce process.

In a contested divorce, the spouses usually are unable to find an agreement that is acceptable to both parties, which means that they and their attorneys usually fight in court for the terms that they want or need from the divorce. In these cases, the judge will examine all of the aspects of the divorce including child support, child custody, alimony and other matters, and will make a decision regarding each of these.

Contested divorces are generally much more expensive and more stressful, but in some cases can become necessary if a spouse is uncooperative or refuses to negotiate the divorce terms.

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