Equitable Distribution and Property Division

In almost every divorce there are usually varying amounts of assets, properties, and belongings that are acquired during the course of the marriage, and must be divided between the spouses.

This process of property division, which is also known as equitable distribution , involves the fair and equitable division of the marital property based on many factors about the marriage, the divorce, any existing prenuptial agreements and the behaviors and financial situations of each spouse. While it is called an "equitable" distribution of property, this does not necessarily mean that the monetary value of property is split 50/50 between each spouse, but rather that the court determines how the distribution will benefit each spouse during the change from the divorce.

For instance, in many cases where children are involved in a divorce, the court may divide more monetarily valued property, including a house, to the custodial parent in order to ensure that those children continue to have a safe, healthy and happy environment. In these types of cases the needs of the children are generally first and foremost in the mind of the court, and after their needs are met, the rest of the property is distributed based on many other factors including each spouse's financial state and contribution to the marriage.

If you are involved in a divorce it is very important to have a skilled attorney on your side during this process. At the Raleigh Law Firm we have the years of experience and legal knowledge that are vital to defending your rights as a spouse, a parent and an individual. We can examine your case and will put forth the best case we can to make sure your interests are protected.

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