3 Strange Divorce Facts

As much as we study divorce , there remains a large component that we don't understand. What factors have the most influence over a relationship? When does the breaking point occur? Although these following "strange facts" about divorce won't answer any of these questions, they might raise a few more!

Divorce Fact 1: Couples who live in "red states" (states that vote primarily Republican) are 27% more likely to get divorced than couples who live in blue states (states that vote primarily Democrat).

Divorce Fact 2: Couples who have a daughter are more likely to get divorced than couples who have a son, although only by 5%.

Divorce Fact 3: Divorce can be "contagious." People who have a divorced sibling are 22% more likely to get divorced and people who have close friends who are divorced are 147% more likely to get divorced.

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