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You may be surprised to learn that many claims of settlement do not get decided in the court, or even with the office of a lawyer. There is an alternative option that many clients are choosing nowadays in order to receive an appropriate decision at a much lower cost. By coming to a professional arbitrator, both parties can come to an agreement that leaves them settled and resolved, without being forced to pay exorbitant court fees.

Our arbitration attorney in Raleigh are highly knowledgeable about the most effective practices and methods for getting the results you want without the hassle of appearing before the judge. Not only is arbitration much less expensive, but the entire process is more rapid too. Trust our whole team at Hopper Law Office to devote ourselves in pursuing the decision you need with utmost care and precision.

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What Is Arbitration?

Rather than going the traditional route of having a lengthy trial where a judge and jury take time to deliberate on a legal dispute’s outcome, more and more people in Raleigh have been turning to alternatives in litigation to settle their cases outside of the court. Some of the most common methods in lieu of the court include options such as arbitration, mediation, collaborative law, and neutral evaluation.

While arbitration may resemble mediation, there are some key differences. In the process of arbitration, both parties first decide to declare their dispute to an arbitrator rather than a judge, who will then decide on the final outcome. Although both mediation and arbitration use neutral third parties, in arbitration, the process is normally binding, whereas mediation normally is nonbinding.

This means that the arbitration process usually helps your case gets settled right away. One benefit of arbitration is that each of the opposing parties can get to select an arbitrator, and these two arbitrators will choose one more arbitrator together, to have enough members for a majority vote.

Types of Cases We Can Arbitrate

In family and divorce law, many areas are appropriate to arbitrate. By having arbitration rather than a traditional court case, you can often avoid a lot of difficulty and stress which would disrupt your family’s lives.

Our Lawyer are highly experienced at arbitrating in scenarios such as:

  • Cases where one or both parties desire to enforce, amend, or take back a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement
  • Child custody matters, such as relocation and visitation for custodial and noncustodial parents
  • Modifications of alimony, child support, and child custody
  • Support and alimony cases following a separation
  • Cases where one or both parties desire to enforce, amend, or take back an agreement of separation
  • Aid in equitably distributing the communal and separate property and debts of a marital relationship
  • Claims that one party has against the other in terms of alienated affection or accusations of criminal conversation

An Alternative Solution

When you are looking for an effective method of settling your case, but do not want to go through a frustratingly extended process, an alternative way is having our experienced arbitration attorney in Raleigh support you. It is important to realize that to get the results you desire, you do not have to pay the extremely high fees of litigation.

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