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Understanding Alienation of Affection

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North Carolina is one of the few states that allows one party to sue another because of alienation of affection. Alienation of affection is an action brought by a deserted spouse against a third party who is allegedly responsible for the failure of the marriage. The defendant in an alienation of affection lawsuit is usually an adulterous spouse’s lover. Alienation of affection laws allow a husband or wife to sue a third party for damages as the result of an emotional or physical affair with their spouse during the course of the marriage.

Three things must be proven in order for an alienation of affection suit to win at court:

  • The plaintiff and his/her spouse were happily married, with genuine love and affection
  • The love and affection from one partner was alienated and destroyed.
  • The wrongful and malicious acts of the defendant were responsible for the alienation of affection.

If you are considering suing someone for alienation of affection, or are being sued, a Raleigh divorce attorney from Hopper Law Office will be able to greatly help your case. Call (919) 876-3300 today.

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Without the help of a qualified family lawyer, alienation of affection can be difficult to prove, but at Hopper Law Office, we have three decades of combined experience dealing with these types of claims. No matter what side you are on, our firm will know exactly how to handle your suit in a way that will bring a positive outcome.

At Hopper Law Office, our alienation of affection attorneys believe that client satisfaction is our number one priority, and will do everything they possibly can to effectively serve you. If you are considering suing someone for alienation for affection, or if you are being sued for alienation of affection, do not hesitate to consult with one of our experienced Raleigh family law attorneys as soon as possible.

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