14 Empowering Lessons People Have Learned from Their Divorce

As painful as a divorce is, the hard lessons of divorce are often what make people into better versions of themselves. This has been attested to time and again by people who have made it through to the other side of a divorce. While each situation is unique, and there are numerous ways people can grow because of a divorce, some lessons are universal. Here are several ways divorcees have said their divorce made them stronger:

1) Divorce frees you to be who you want to be; you no longer have to live under the pressure of conforming to what someone else wants.
2) You do not have to be controlled by emotions; you can take control of your life's trajectory.
3) You are stronger than you realize. When it comes to your kids, you can do anything and everything it takes to protect them.
4) Having no one else to go to means that you become an independent person.
5) Your perspective on life is refocused and improved.
6) You are more capable than you realize, able to move on and take over all that needs to be done, anything from parenting to finances to chores.
7) Life on one's own can be very fulfilling, being on your timetable and doing what you want to do.
8) Your self-confidence grows.
9) Some strengths and some opportunities you thought were gone can reappear. For example, one divorcee said that they re-learned independence and the drive that enabled them to get two degrees.
10) You realize how much of a say you have in your life, and you can define success for yourself and achieve it.
11) For many, a divorce strengthens their relationship with God.
12) You can become your true self, not defining yourself based on other people's perceptions or in relation to other people.
13) You realize that you no longer have to feel inferior because of how a partner treats you; you no longer have to give someone that power over you.
14) Having a more realistic attitude does not mean becoming bitter or cynical; it means your next relationship, your second marriage can be that much stronger.

If you are facing a divorce, you have the opportunity to dictate the terms of your future. You may be able to achieve this decision-making power through a mediated divorce or an uncontested divorce. Whatever route you take, the ability you have to influence the outcome of your divorce can hinge on your choice of divorce attorney. Contact Hopper Law Office, PLLC to learn how we may be able to help you and your family arrive at the stronger future that you deserve.

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