Why Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer?

You may be looking into do-it-yourself options when it comes to divorce, but is it worth the cost in the long run? In most cases, no. Not only can a cheap DIY divorce lead to ghastly errors, but having an experience lawyer on your side can mean quickly achieving the divorce settlement that you deserve. There are several reasons why having a divorce attorney on your side is invaluable to the success of your future. Here are a few of them:

First of all, no website can replace a lawyer's expertise. For example, since North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, this means that your marital assets will not be automatically split in half. While this affords you the opportunity to fight for what is fair, you cannot keep a fair amount in property division if you do not understand your rights, and how to protect them. Then there are complex issues that simply cannot be handled by a one-size-fits-all divorce, such as child custody and child support. Some DIY divorces do not even cover everything that a divorce settlement should address. Also, when a couple has significant amounts of assets or debts, you need a knowledgeable lawyer who can help you sort through the issues and protect your and your children's interests.

Furthermore, when you share the crafting of your future with a legal expert, this can relieve some of the strain that you are under. Instead of trying to get a full grasp of the legal issues involved with your case, you can pass off your information and your goals to a lawyer, who will channel their efforts and experience into getting you the divorce settlement you need. This can enable you to prepare for the next steps in life, such as being able to devote more time to your children instead of staring at complex paperwork.

Thirdly, if you retain a divorce attorney, you can keep from making simple, but costly mistakes. All it could take is simply forgetting to put one piece of information on a form, and you could permanently hurt your financial future. In fact, a new source of revenue for divorce lawyers is cleaning up the mess that DIY divorces have created. Get a lawyer immediately, and you can save yourself from wasting money and time on a DIY divorce, only to have to retain a lawyer later.

When a lawyer participates in your divorce, you can be assured that what you and your spouse agree to will hold up in court. You can also be certain that the settlement reflects what you actually want. Couples who divorce on their own can learn the hard way that the phrasing in their agreement says something that they did not mean.

Finally, working with a divorce attorney can save you time. If certain information or forms are omitted in the divorce paperwork, for example, you could find yourself in the divorce process for months longer than you needed to be. With a lawyer who knows all the deadlines and procedures, you can avoid the risk of needlessly putting off your future.

When your whole future is on the line, you do not want to commit preventable errors. The smallest slipup, and you could be feeling the repercussions for years to come. Save yourself the needless headache and extra costs. Look for the best Raleigh divorce lawyer that you can. When you work with Hopper Law Office, PLLC, you can rest assured that your case is in capable hands. Our Raleigh divorce lawyers are dedicated to doing everything possible to safeguard our clients' rights. Find out how we may be able to protect you and your family's future when you contact our firm today.

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