Getting a Divorce? Here Are 5 Helpful Things to Know

Many couples get blindsided by divorce. After all, when people get married, they certainly are not planning for to be separated one day. So when someone does face divorce, they may not be as prepared as they would like to be. You can find answers for your specific case with an experienced divorce lawyer. In the meantime, you may find some helpful information here that addresses some of the most frequent questions related to divorce.

For example, can your spouse kick you out? Without a court order saying that they are the sole owner of the place, no. You have just as much a right to stay in the house if you so choose, whether or not your name appears on the house title.

Is there a waiting period to get a divorce? There is a six month residency requirement, which at least one spouse must meet, and then it will take 30 days before a judge will sign off on a divorce.

What about choosing the right lawyer? One of the things to look for in an attorney is the desire to strive toward a settlement instead of pushing the case to trial. Overly litigious attorneys may want to "win" the case in a trial, but if a divorce could have reached a settlement beforehand, a trial can mean unnecessary strain and a prolonged battle for you and your family. You want a lawyer who is equipped to take your case to trial, but who also has the skill and willingness to obtain a favorable divorce settlement before reaching trial.

Is an attorney giving you a guarantee? Then this is a bad sign. Only a dishonest lawyer would say that the result of a legal case is guaranteed. You want a lawyer who says things about your case that make you uneasy; you will know that they are not just trying to say what you want to hear. You want to know where your case really stands.

Is a lawyer in tune with what the "best interests of the child" means? If you face child custody issues in your divorce, then it is imperative that an attorney fully understands the priority of protecting your children. This could look something like advising you not interfere with the other parent's time with the child just because they missed a child support payment. They might also remind you that such illegal stunts not only hurt your child, but also your chances of getting the custody you deserve. With the right legal counsel, you and your children can successfully navigate divorce's rocky waters.

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