Tips to Consider Before Filling for a Divorce

Before jumping the gun and calling your marriage it quits, here are a few tips to consider before giving your spouse the divorce papers. First, as marriage is a huge commitment to make between two people, so also is a divorce a huge decision as well; one that will affect every aspect of your life. Before deeming that your marriage is in shambles and you are ready to call it quits, consider meeting with a marriage counselor in order to save your union. Perhaps you and your spouse just need the opportunity to work through some details in order to realize you want to work things out. Once you have determined that counseling was not effective for you and your spouse, make sure you contact a Raleigh divorce attorney immediately for legal guidance. Having the legal skill of an attorney on your side is imperative for your divorce and you want to make sure you contact one before taking any steps.

This means, even if you are just weighing the option of a divorce, meeting with a skilled attorney can help you work through the details and create a plan of action for the divorce. An attorney can offer you valuable information that will help you prepare for the long and coming legal process that lies ahead during the divorce. Having someone on your side that is going to look out for your personal wellbeing and legal needs in the process, is very valuable.

Next, if you are planning on filing for a divorce don't move out of your home before you discuss the specifics with your divorce attorney. The reasoning behind this is due to the fact that your leaving without a word from your home can affect your chances of not having to pay alimony to your spouse in the divorce. It can also poorly affect how your property is divided if your case is taken to court for the settlement. It is important to remember though, if there is any domestic violence within the home, and leaving abruptly is the only means of keeping yourself and the children safe, then do what is necessary and discuss these matters with your attorney immediately and the local law enforcement.

In the event that you have had an extramarital affair, discuss these details with your attorney before having the talk with your spouse. It is obviously encouraged to be honest with your spouse, though the legal ramifications of your actions can vary which is why it is important to talk it over with your attorney. For example, you may be more likely to pay alimony to your ex because of your actions. Lastly, do what needs to be done to protect your assets in prior to discussing the option of divorce with your spouse. Gather all of the information and documents about your investments, income, stocks, assets, liabilities, etc. prior to your mentioning divorce to your spouse. By being organized when you file for a divorce will help not only you but also the attorney in the process.

In the event that you are even weighing the possibility of filing for a divorce, contacts the Hopper Law Office today for the experienced divorce and family attorney who can help you determine the best plan of action for your unique situation. Just as every marriage is different, so also is every divorce. Our firm will do what it takes to help you with your specific needs and to protect your assets and fight for your needs in the event of the divorce. Contact our office today for more information!

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