Divorce Rates and College Education

While every couple is unique, there are studies that have discussed common trends among divorcing couples; and though you and your spouse may not fit in the mold, they are interesting thoughts to consider. According to recent studies conducted by the journal of Family Relations, they have determined that college educations play a large role in our divorce rates today. Overall they deemed that the higher the education a couple has in their union, the less of a chance they will divorce; and the less education that is present in the home the higher the chance of their marriage coming to an end at some point.

However, in this study they also want to establish that they believe it is different for different couples ethnically. For example, the first conclusion was just for white Americans, whereas they determined African American couples are less affected by the educational level of protection in their marriages. Essentially that numbers show that even in higher education marriages they still experience higher rates of divorce.

What is interesting however, is that when looking at black marriages one of the possible reasons for this is that there is less of a balance between couples educationally. According to research, there are twice as many African American woman who graduate from college then there are many, and for that reason it makes their home less equal and therefore leads to higher divorce rates.

Again, every marriage is unique and it is up to you and your spouse to determine whether or not your marriage is going to work or come to an end. It is your choice as to whether education will play a role in the success of your marriage, and you do not have to be a statistic if you choose not to be. In the event you decide you are ready for a divorce, contact the Hopper Law Office today for the experienced Raleigh divorce attorney you need on your side.