Facebook and Divorce: The Odd Relationship

80 percent of all divorces mention one fatal word: Facebook. It may seem unbelievable, but the truth is, Facebook is dividing marriages left and right. Spouses will poke around on their partner's Facebook, only to find suspicious wall posts, curious photos, and promiscuous "friends." Some spouses won't even "friend" their husband or wife, in order to keep them out of their personal secrets. Some of the biggest Facebook relational issues include rude statuses about a spouse, posting publically on "friends" walls that are of the opposite gender, Facebook statuses that are suggestive or odd, and photos that seem scandalous or offensive to the other spouse. Sometimes, a friend may tell a wife of her husband's Facebook antics, or the other way around.

Facebook is an easy place to keep secrets inside of instant messaging or the private messages folder. Yet these secret messages can become a serious problem, especially if the husband or wife leaves his or her Facebook open. These tense situations oftentimes split a marriage in two. If you and your spouse are feuding over a Facebook problem, you may want to try deleting your accounts. It may help you to resolve your differences and rekindle your love for each other. You may want to talk about the miscommunications that have arisen from Facebook, or share an account to dispel issues of distrust.

Yet if you believe that your marriage is beyond repair, divorce is a viable option. You won't be the only couple that has split up over an online argument, and changed your statuses from "married" to "single." At the Hopper Law Office, we can guide you through the many messy details of divorce, and work hard to help you end up on top when all is said and done. Get in touch with someone at our firm today to start your divorce process.