Divorce: The Process and The Petition

Once you have decided to seek a divorce from your spouse, there are certain things that must be done in order to file properly. It is important to understand the filing process and what is included in a divorce petition. Generally, the spouse that wants a divorce must file the petition, which is sometimes referred to as the "complaint." The "petitioner," or the spouse filing for divorce, must include the reason for the dissolution of marriage in the documents. Once the papers have been filed, the divorce process starts. The papers will then be served to the second spouse who will have a certain time to respond.

The divorce petition itself will contain basic information such as the names and addresses of both spouses, the location and date of the marriage, as well as any children of the marriage. The petitioner must then outline the reason for divorce, whether simply or in detail, as well as how he/she would like to split up the property, handle custody of the children, and other important details. There is a lot of information and choices that must be considered when filing for divorce. For this reason, those pursuing divorce in North Carolina are encouraged to seek help from a Raleigh family lawyer by contacting Hopper Law Office.

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