Spanking Linked to Increased Mental Health Issues in Children

Some people live by the ancient parenting principle that if you “spare the rod” you “spoil the child.” While this is a common debate among parents, a recent study has shown that those who were spanked as kids have a higher potential to suffer mental health problems as they age. The study alleges the physical punishment brings on these mental issues even if the child didn’t receive any more extreme forms of violence or abuse at the hands of their parents.

The children who reported harsh physical punishment that were not abusive still had a potential for depression, anxiety, mania, and drug or alcohol dependency. These conditions were at least 2 to 5 percent more common in those adults that were physically hit as children in an effort to correct them of their wrongs. These children also suffered antisocial maladies and emotional dependencies. The study concludes by beckoning parents to avoid using physical punishment on their children in any form or extremity. More and more physicians are now encouraging their patients to avoid harming their kids with physical smacks to correct behavior.

The American Academy of Pediatricians has taken the position that hitting a child is not beneficial to that child’s development, regardless of the reason for hitting. If you have been characteristically hitting your children you may end up caught in a child abuse or domestic violence dispute. Those who are sensitive to physical punishment may report you to a social worker. If you are found to be abusive in any way, then you may lose custody of your children. Whenever you are involved in a domestic violence situation, you need the aid of a professional family lawyer. You will want to prove your reasoning for physical punishment and try to right the wrong as soon as possible. Talk to a family lawyer at the Hopper Law Office for more information.