North Carolina Grounds for Divorce

Depending on what state you call home, you may have to prove certain circumstances in order to successfully obtain a divorce.

In the state of North Carolina, for example, there are different grounds under which you can file for divorce and some grounds are easier to prove then others.

If you can prove that you have been living apart from your spouse for a period of one year, divorce can be obtained somewhat easily. However, there are cases where proving legitimate grounds for divorce can be harder. For example, in cases where one spouse has to prove that the other spouse is insane or has mental conditions, getting a divorce may be a little trickier.

Aside from living apart and insanity, there are other grounds for divorce that are recognized by a number of states, not just North Carolina. These grounds include a spouse abandoning his/her family, excessive use of alcohol, infidelity, and endangering the life of the spouse or family members.

If you are hoping to move forward with divorce in North Carolina, you'll want to become familiar with the state's divorce laws. In order to do this, it is advised that you contact a Raleigh divorce lawyer from our legal team now.

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