What is Parental Alienation?

Are you in the process of divorce? Have you been fighting recently with your spouse? If so, you need to be careful to avoid something called parental alienation.

Sure, every divorce is bound to bring some unsettling emotions to the surface towards your partner. But, when you take these emotions and use them to create a rift between your child and his/her parent, that is not right. This is called parental alienation and it can actually get you in a lot of trouble.

If a judge discovers that you are engaging in parental alienation, the outcome of your divorce settlement can be seriously affected. In essence, any time that you create a negative picture of the other parent to your child, this is a form of alienation and abuse. When you actively seek to separate your child from the other parent, the affected party could go to court and argue that you should not have custody of the child at all due to the emotional trauma inflicted on the child.

If this happens, the court will always look to act in the best interests of the child in questions, which means your child custody arrangement may be impacted.

Are you a victim of parental alienation? Is this impacting the time you have with your child? Put an end to this maltreatment now by contacting Hopper Law Office to enlist the services of our experienced Raleigh family law attorney.

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