Getting Paternity Testing

A paternity test can be ordered by either party in a relationship, but it is often used by women to obtain child support while raising their children. In every state, welfare offices can also petition to have the paternity of a child established in order to force an individual to contribute financially. This is often done in cases where the mother is already a recipient of temporary state assistance and the mother must agree to a paternity test if she wants to continue receiving financial aid from the government.

To establish paternity, a small amount of blood must be withdrawn and analyzed. Once blood is drawn, a lab will process the results to exclude the father or to establish paternity.

When you question the paternity of your child, there is a way for you to resolve any underlying uncertainty through DNA testing. However, you may find that you are facing challenges when requesting a paternity test. For example, the other parent may object to such testing and make it difficult for you. If this happens, you may need to count on the services of a family lawyer who can help you take legal measures to get a paternity test order.

Are you in need of a paternity test? Contact Hopper Law Office today to learn how our Raleigh family law attorney can help you resolve any issues surrounding the paternity of your child, such as child support.

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