Paternity Actions to Establish Father Relationships

There are times when establishing paternity is a struggle. In these cases, either parent can petition the court to have a DNA test conducted in order to confirm or deny paternity. This is done by filing a petition, or a paternity action, that can be approved by a judge.

In many cases, the mother of a child will file such a petition in order to demand child support from the biological father. If the man that she believes to be the father refuses to take the blood test, it is up to the mother to show the court why the man in question is the father.

However, a man can also file a paternity action if he questions the paternity of his child. Either way, paternity is established through simple blood work that can determine a DNA match with nearly 100 percent accuracy.

If you want have questions related to paternity and how it will impact child support or child custody, contact Hopper Law Office as soon as possible. We will arrange a time for you to speak with a Raleigh family lawyer from our office so you can get answers to your questions.

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