5 Common Legal Mistakes During a Divorce

1. Having high expectation's for your spouses behavior. Just because your spouse was normally a fair and rational person does not mean that he or she will be during a divorce.
2. Expecting that you will get everything you want. There are probably many things which you and your spouse both have emotional ties to, and there are probably many more things which you and your spouse both feel you "deserve." Make sure that your demands are reasonable and that you have proof or a case for everything that you want.
3. Not noticing financial changes. Sometimes during a divorce, one spouse will open and individual bank account or move money so that it isn't part of the settlement. If your spouse's income or expenses change suddenly, it might be good to be suspicious.
4. Signing anything without reading it. This also means signing anything without making sure that you understand it. If you have any questions about legal documents, go over them with a divorce lawyer who can explain what they mean and how they will affect you.
5. Being blinded by emotions. Clearly this is going to be a very emotional time for you and your spouse, but during the divorce proceedings, try to think with a clear head and use logic. Also try to see things from your spouse's perspective, if only to be able to adjust your actions accordingly.

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