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Will & Trust Contests in North Carolina

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During the probate process, disputes can sometimes arise regarding the legitimacy or legality of a deceased person's will or trusts. Oftentimes, beneficiaries and interested parties may feel that they were unfairly written out of a will or were allotted a less than adequate share of their loved one's estate and may choose to formally contest the terms of the decedent's estate. If you are involved on either side of a will or trust contest, it is crucial that you retain the services of a highly knowledgeable Raleigh probate attorney from Hopper Law Office.

Having practiced law for more than 30 years, our firm's skilled legal professionals are equipped with the vast legal knowledge and experience to handle nearly any probate dispute that should arise. No matter the size or complexity of the issue you face, we are prepared to stand by your side and protect your rights every step of the way.

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Common Reasons to Challenge a Will

There are numerous reasons why someone may choose to contest a will or file a trust suit. If successful, a will can be voided completely or partially in light of the court's decision. In some cases, a provision from a previous version of a will can be reinstated, though oftentimes the courts may treat the case as if the will had never existed and distribute the assets according to state law.

A will's terms may be disputed for the following reasons:

  • The decedent lacked the appropriate mental or legal capacity
  • The will was created under duress, fraud, or undue influence
  • A will was created without sufficient witnesses
  • A newer will is discovered that trumps the conditions of the prior will
  • The provisions within the will are inadequate or illegal

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Since these disputes can be extremely sensitive matters, it is vital that you seek the services of a top-notch legal team if you should ever encounter a dispute of this type. At Hopper Law Office, we understand the emotional connotations that can be attached to will and trust contests and are committed to providing the compassionate legal guidance you need during this difficult time. As evidenced by our extensive collection of positive client testimonials, we place your wellbeing at the forefront of everything we do and are willing to make every effort to maximize your chances of securing a desirable outcome for your situation.

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