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A father’s top priority during a divorce is usually maintaining an active and healthy presence in the life of his children as the years go by. The mother, of course, wants to do the same. Finding a middle ground in child custody and visitation issues can feel like a highly-charged emotional battle. Many times, in the heat of things, a fathers’ rights can be put aside as social assumptions and biases come into play.

At Hopper Law Office, our Raleigh divorce lawyers believe in the power of approaching contentious situations carefully to minimize the stress on everyone’s shoulders. With our help and guidance, your rights as a father during a divorce can be respected and upheld without needlessly stepping on your spouse’s toes. We want you both to be able to spend time fairly with your children, and we fully understand that they are your most precious asset.

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Maintaining Your Rights and Your Relationships

If you believe that you, as the father of your children, have not been given the proper parental rights, our firm can help you take legal action without burning any bridges. We are focused on doing all we can to help you protect your best interests while also maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your children, and even your ex. When this is achieved, you will find that moving on is much easier and that, perhaps most importantly, your children feel happier and more secure after the divorce finalizes.

When protecting your rights as a father, we will need to consider your:

  • Relationship status with children.
  • Living situation.
  • Monthly income.
  • Ex-spouse’s income and living situation.

In the past, mothers often won primary custody – physical or legal – automatically due to the assumption that their maternal instincts would serve the child better. This notion, which was based on nothing more than age-old beliefs, has been partially dismantled, and it is becoming clear that fathers and their paternal instincts can raise children just as well.

Establishing Paternity in Your Case

Sometimes a father struggles to have their point of view respected in divorce court because the mother questions that they are even the father of the children. If this is happening to you, we are prepared to defend you from such hurtful accusations and do what we can to prove that you are the father. We can explore your options together to determine if DNA testing is necessary to establish paternity.

When You Work With Us, You Are Never Alone

Our team of highly-trained Raleigh family law attorneys are always thinking about what they can do to make our clients more comfortable. When you come to our law firm, you will feel comfortable and certain that your priorities are respected. Best of all, you will not feel like you are facing the one-sided discretion of the court on your own; we will stand with you from start to finish. We are proud to say that we have secured a BV® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell® for our dedication to our clients and our ability to find creative and unique solutions to every legal problem that comes our way.

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