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Do You Need to Establish Paternity?

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In North Carolina, all parents of a child are legally obligated to provide financial support for the child, even after a divorce. For the most part, the law only speaks of biological parents of the child. If a child is born out of wedlock, matters may become more complicated and either parent may wish to establish paternity to know for certain who is child's father.

The entire concept of establishing paternity can be a sensitive topic for anyone, muddled up with legal complications. It can be understandably intimidating to ask for help in this matter, but it must be done all the same. At Hopper Law Office, our Raleigh family law lawyers can be the support pillar you need during this trying time. We pride ourselves in being able to guide families through difficulties with as little stress as possible.

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Benefits to Establishing Paternity

If there is any doubt surrounding who the father of your child may be, establishing paternity through scientific testing could be a huge relief for you and your ex-spouse. As it is often said, knowing is far better than never knowing. When you come to our team, our goal will be to get you to a more comfortable place on more solid ground, even if that means using legal means to get there.

You may want to establish paternity if you are a:

  • Father: Historically, fathers' rights are often put aside in child custody hearings as a social bias holds the mother in better favor. The scales will only feel more imbalanced to a father who cannot prove that he is the father of the child.
  • Mother: One of the most common ways a father can try to deny paying child support is by claiming the child is not his own. A mother may want to establish paternity to protect her rights and strengthen her case in a child support dispute.

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The legal statutes of establishing paternity in North Carolina can seem like convoluted legalese to the average person. It is probably the last thing you will want to see as you try to deal with the emotional stress of the entire situation. Let our Raleigh family law attorneys take up your case and proceed through the complications for you. We want you to feel relaxed in knowing that a confident, highly-experienced professional is fronting your case. All you need to do is contact our office toll-free at (919) 876-3300.

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