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Don't Pay Without Knowing the Facts

Speeding tickets are common traffic violations in Raleigh. Individuals who receive a traffic citation for speeding will be tempted to just pay the ticket and put the matter behind them. The truth is, however, that by paying the ticket, you will plead guilty and have to deal with the consequences for a long time.

Reasons you should not simply pay a traffic ticket and plead guilty are:

  1. You automatically lose your case
  2. Insurance premiums will increase
  3. Points will be added to your driver's license
  4. You will end up paying a lot in fines
  5. You will be required to spend time taking traffic school classes
  6. You may have to spend time in court

Before you pay that citation, speak with our Raleigh criminal defense lawyer for a case evaluation!

Information About Speeding Tickets

Almost every individual at some point in his or her life will receive a speeding ticket or other traffic citation. Most people are under the impression that it is in their best interest to avoid any legal hassles by simply paying the ticket and moving on. However, paying the fine listed on a speeding ticket is the same as entering a guilty plea.

Once you have pled guilty to a speeding ticket, points will be added to your driver's license and your auto insurance rates could increase as much as a few hundred dollars a year. If any accidents or injuries are caused as a result of your speeding, or you have multiple traffic violations, you could see criminal charges being filed against you.

Our firm is a steadfast supporter of the rights each individual is given according to state and federal laws. Giving up your rights is an action we actively discourage. Obtaining legal representation from our firm can significantly improve your chances of success when fighting your ticket, avoiding any fines or penalties, and keeping your driving record intact.

Our Raleigh Criminal Attorney Can Challenge Your Speeding Ticket

In criminal defense cases, the law states that an individual is innocent until he or she is proven guilty. Why admit guilt and willingly give up your rights when challenging your speeding ticket could give you a real chance at having your fines and penalties reduced, or seeing that your case is dismissed? Challenging a speeding ticket could also save hundreds of dollars in fines and court-related fees. If you succeed your insurance rates will not go up and you will not have to worry about your driving privileges being at risk due to penalty points being added to your driver's license.

To get the help you need to fight a speeding ticket, contact a Raleigh speeding ticket attorney at our firm.

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