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Avoiding a Fourth of July DUI

Fourth of July is a great time during the summer to gather with the ones you love and celebrate a day off of work, family and friends and a few beers. However, with all of the excitement, it can be ...
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Hundreds Arrested in North Carolina "Booze It & Lose It" Campaign

Around Halloween (October 25 to 31), law enforcement made 842 arrest for drunk driving, says the North Carolina Department of Transportation. This was during the state's "Booze It & Lose ...
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How to Deal with an Unlawful Police Stop

When an officer asks you to pull over for a police stop there is a very strong possibility that you will be issued a citation or placed under arrest. No matter the final outcome of the police stop, ...
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Can I Expunge a DUI in North Carolina?

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol and driving while impaired (DWI) are both serious criminal offenses in the state of North Carolina. Any individual suspected of DUI/DWI in Raleigh ...
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Supreme Court Changes How You Use Your Right to Remain Silent

You probably understand that you have the right to remain silent if you are under arrest, and you may assume that you have this right outside of police custody too. You may have been right a few ...
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When Do the Police Need a Search Warrant?

A search warrant is signed by a judge and details when and where police officers can conduct a search. For example, a warrant may give the suspect's address, give a time frame, and list the items ...
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Supreme Court Rules DNA Can Be Collected at Arrest

Do you ever feel that the police have the right to far too much personal information about you? If you haven't before, you just may start feeling this way now. According to the latest news, the ...
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Do Police Have the Right to Search My Trash?

Under the Fourth Amendment, Americans are given certain rights regarding their property and privacy laws. This amendment states that you are protected by law from having anyone conducting a search and ...
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What is a "Ponzi Scheme?"

Fraud crimes, otherwise labeled as white collar offenses, are a specific form of theft crime that often involves more of a plan of deceit as opposed to just robbing a drug store of the cash in their ...
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Spring Break Crime Prevention Tips to Consider

As spring break season has arrived, here are a few tips in order to protect yourself and your property from the various crimes that may occur in your area. First off, the most common spring break ...
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Students and Cyber Crimes

As the internet grows increasingly more popular among users young and old today, so do the rates of cybercrimes. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, cybercrimes often include network and ...
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