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Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Could Bring in Millions of Tax Dollars

While it is true that the United States Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage has stirred up more controversy than any ruling in recent memory, it could also be bringing about a change that just about anyone can be happy about: financial gain. The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law has projected that up to $184.7 million dollars in state and local tax revenue could be collected nationwide due to the new law.

The big boon, if indeed accurately predicted, will come about due to all of the expenses that seem to naturally surround a marriage. Planning a wedding, the wedding ceremony, and even honeymoons afterward have never been traditionally cheap. The fiscal effect goes further than that, though, as the increase in tax revenue is also based on married couples purchasing or leasing new homes, or even deciding to start up new businesses due to their own financial stability.

Financial Changes and What Else?

Other alterations up in the air that are more or less outside of the boundaries of opinion include potential changes to family law. Divorce rights have already been modified, as same-sex couples can now file for divorce in any state. Previously, they would need to find a state that recognized their union, live there for a while, and then file. Issues surrounding child custody disputes may also need to have their legislation reviewed by lawmakers. In the past, the mother would often be viewed with a positive bias to encourage what was best for the children; in a same-sex union, the definition of “mother” is less clear.

If you live in Raleigh and have any concerns regarding same-sex family law disputes, come to Hopper Law Firm PLLC for all the help you need. They are committed to protecting the rights and the property of their clients and are willing to stand up for them in court, regardless of the complexity of their case. Contact the Raleigh family law attorneys today for more information.

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