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Sperm Donor Ordered to Pay Child Support

Five years ago, a Kansas man responded to an ad he saw on Craigslist posted by a lesbian couple seeking a sperm donor. He said that he wanted to help them out. The man donated for free, and he signed papers to waive his parental rights. Last Thursday, January 23, however, a judge ordered the man to pay child support, reports CNN. The judge cited the fact that the man did not follow state law, a law that mandates that a licensed physician has to perform the artificial insemination. The lesbian couple did the process themselves at home, say court documents.

Sometime after their daughter was born in 2009, the couple split up, and one parent could no longer work due to a medical condition. When she petitioned the state for financial aid, the state then turned to the sperm donor to order child support. The state decided that the papers the man signed were invalid because a doctor did not perform the procedure. State officials have said that a physician was needed to document that the man donated his sperm, and that he was not the mother's lover. This means that he could now be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and child support payments.

Family law is an area in the legal field that sees constant change in legislation and court rulings. In order to protect your rights in any family law issue, from divorce to child custody, you need a legal expert on your side. You can find the knowledgeable and skilled attorney you deserve at Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC, PLLC. A Raleigh child support attorney from our firm can keep you up-to-date and informed about your rights every step of the way. Learn how we can assert your rights when you contact us today.

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