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Blog Posts in May, 2013

Child Emancipation Basics

The reasoning's behind a child desiring to emancipate themselves from their parents vary from family to family, though in the state of North Carolina, a child has the right to legally part ways ...
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Difference between Joint & Shared Custody

Parents who choose to file for a divorce are given varying options for how to handle the situation for their children. This means that they are given an option between joint or shared custody, in ...
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Do Police Have the Right to Search My Trash?

Under the Fourth Amendment, Americans are given certain rights regarding their property and privacy laws. This amendment states that you are protected by law from having anyone conducting a search and ...
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Divorce and Your Children's College Funds

If you are considering a divorce, one of the concerns you may have in regards to your separation is the fact that you still have children, and you desperately want them to go to a good college. Not ...
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Protecting Your Assets in Divorce: Learning from Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family over the past few years has been on our news feeds online and with celebrity gossip; we all know Kim filed for a divorce just 72 days after saying her vows, and we all have heard ...
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Learning to laugh again....
After almost 3 years fighting with my ex-wife over everything, I was recently awarded primary custody of my children, child support, and allowed to leave the state, something that I understand is not so common in North Carolina --fathers being awarded custody that is. Thanks to Kevin Hopper, the kids and I are finally moving past the nightmare and learning to laugh again.
- Newton
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