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Blog Posts in July, 2013

Understanding Mediation and Negotiation

When it comes to filing for a divorce, the process may be a complicating one, regardless if you and your spouse are having a peaceful separation or not. However, when it comes to getting what you want ...
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Understanding Domestic Violence Criminal Charges

Domestic violence is defined as being some form of abuse or physically violent act another person who is a part of the family, or whom you are currently in a relationship with. For example, most cases ...
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Spelling Out D-I-V-O-R-C-E for Your Children

When children’s parents are going through a divorce, it is safe to assume that they will have a difficult time processing what is taking place. Whether they are experiencing denial of some sort ...
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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Adoptive Parents in Native American Case

A heart breaking case has been ongoing for a number of years over the rights of custody for a now three year old baby girl, who has one percent of Cherokee blood running through her veins. Sadly, the ...
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Safety Tips for Your Family This Fourth of July

Being safe on Independence Day is something very important for you and your family to consider during this holiday. Whether you are a single parent or you are sharing custody with your ex, or maybe ...
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Michael Hopper was straight-forward, honest and “spot-on”...
Attorney Michael Hopper was straight-forward, honest and “spot-on” when handling my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing. With his guidance and leadership, I was organized, prepared and unintimidated by the process. More than a year after my case was discharged, Mr. Hopper still personally responded to a couple of “quick questions”. I highly recommend Michael Hopper to anyone seeking quality legal representation.
- Mark
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